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12/10/17   "Jesus Light of the World - Follow the Light"    Pastor Stan

12/03/17   "Jesus Light of the World - See the Light"    Pastor Stan

11/26/17   "Living Christian in a Counter Culture - Live Righteously and Thrive"    Pastor Stan

11/19/17   "Living Christian in a Counter Culture - Seek a Way Through"    Pastor Stan

11/12/17   "Living Christian in a Counter Culture - Establish Your Personal Resolve"    Pastor Stan

11/05/17   "Living Christian in a Counter Culture - Recognize the "Counter" Strategy"    Pastor Stan

10/29/17   "Forgiveness"    Navy Chaplain Dan Kender

10/22/17   "Living Christian in a Counter Culture - Understand Your Cultural Setting"    Pastor Stan

10/15/17   "Living Christian in a Counter Culture - A Christian Nation?"    Pastor Stan

10/08/17   "God's Structure"    Pastor Al

10/01/17   "The Best Deal Ever"    Pastor Stan

09/24/17   "Get Connected - Part III"    Pastor Stan

09/17/17   "Get Connected - Part II"    Pastor Joe

09/10/17   "Get Connected - Part I"    Pastor Stan

09/03/17   "Through It All"    Pastor Stan

08/27/17   "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Freedom"    Pastor Al

08/20/17   "It's About Time"    Pastor Stan

08/13/17   "Our Eternal Rewards - Part II"    Pastor Joe

08/06/17   "Our Eternal Rewards - Part I"    Pastor Joe

07/30/17   "Laugh Again - Reason to Rejoice"    Pastor Stan

07/23/17   "Laugh Again - Worshipping with Your Wallet"    Pastor Stan

07/16/17   "Laugh Again - The Discontentment Disorder"    Pastor Stan

07/09/17   "The Power of the Word"    James Wittenberger

07/02/17   "The USA - Past, Present, and Future"    Pastor Joe

06/25/17   "Hope!"    Pastor Al

06/18/17   "Stuff Fathers Should Say"    Pastor Stan

06/11/17   "Laugh Again - Free to Laugh Again"    Pastor Stan

06/04/17   "Laugh Again - The Brawling Bride"    Pastor Stan

05/28/17   "Are You a Disciple?"    Pastor Tom Tarpley

05/21/17   "Laugh Again - Whose Footsteps Are Your Following?"    Pastor Stan

05/14/17   "Sticky Notes"    Pastor Stan

05/07/17   "Laugh Again - How to Know When You've Arrived"    Pastor Stan

04/30/17   "Laugh Again - Advice to the High Achiever"    Pastor Stan

04/23/17   "Laugh Again - The Joy of Friendship"    Pastor Stan

04/16/17   "HIS Story"    Pastor Stan

04/09/17   "Mission Cry"    Jason Woolford

04/02/17   "Laugh Again - A Prescription for a Healthy Church"    Pastor Stan

03/26/17   "Laugh Again - The Hidden Secret of a Happy Life"    Pastor Stan

03/19/17   "Laugh Again - The Joy of Suffering"    Pastor Stan

03/12/17   "Laugh Again - Laughing Through Life's Dilemmas"    Pastor Stan

03/05/17   "Laugh Again - How's Your Perspective?"    Pastor Stan

02/26/17   "Laugh Again - How's Your Heart?"    Pastor Stan

02/19/17   "The Ministry of Reconciliation"    Pastor Tom Tarpley

02/12/17   "The Battle for Veritas - Part IV"    Pastor Stan

02/05/17   "The Battle for Veritas - Part III"    Pastor Stan

01/29/17   "The Battle for Veritas - Part II"    Pastor Stan

01/22/17   "The Battle for Veritas - Part I"    Pastor Stan

01/15/17   "Hold On, I'm Comin'"    Pastor Joe

01/08/17   "The Road Ahead"    Pastor Stan

01/01/17   "Down Memory Lane"    Pastor Stan

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