Adult Ministries and Classes

Marr offers a wide range of opportunities to grow in your relationship with God and build life long relationships with others. There are many opportunities to serve and minister to others. We also offer several ministries targeted to adults including the following:

Life Development Classes

Class 101 "Discovering the Church" is the basic introduction to our church. In this class we discuss the following topics from a Biblical perspective:
  1. Salvation, Baptism, and Communion
  2. Basic Doctrine (what we believe)
  3. Marr's "strategy" for ministry
  4. Our church structure
Class 201 "Discovering Spiritual Maturity" is the second of Marr's three basic classes. In this class we focus on four basic habits every Christian needs to develop in order to grow spiritually:
  1. Personal Bible study
  2. Prayer
  3. Tithing
  4. Fellowship
Class 301 "Discovering My Ministry" is the third of Marr's three basic classes. In this class we focus on personal factors that have combined to SHAPE you for ministry. Identifying your Spiritual Gift(s), Heart, Abilities, Personality, and Experience, will aid you in discovering the ministry God has designed you for.

Life Skills Classes
These classes are "How To" classes and cover topics like:

  • How to Find the Will of God
  • How to Handle Temptation
  • How to Handle Conflicts
  • How to Manage Your Money
  • How to Share Your Faith with Others

Life Groups
Life Groups are small groups where people connect with people for fellowship, encouragement, prayer, and spiritual growth. These groups are usually 6 to 12 members in size and meet on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Fellowship Opportunities
Because we believe it requires more than a few minutes on Sunday mornings to get to know others and build lasting friendships, each month either a church wide fellowship or a home fellowship is planned. These fellowships usually take place on Sunday evenings.

Ladies Missionary Group
The Ladies Missionary Group meets once a month. Besides providing an opportunity for fellowship, the ladies are involved in several activities that minister to our missionaries as well as our church family.

Men's Ministry
Special events and outings are planned just for men. These events give men an opportunity to get to know one another better. They also provide an opportunity to be challenged spiritually.

Financial Counseling
Financial counseling is available using resources from Crown Financial Ministries through a trained financial counselor.

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